Lender financing and ongoing relationship

Very often when a company seeks outside financing it needs additional assistance in working with the outside creditor.  Turning Point Financial Consulting can help in many ways including, but not limited to, performing borrowing needs projections, loan agreement negotiations, financial covenant and coordination with company legal counsel, coordination with asset valuation services and asset based lender audits.

After the credit facility has been obtained, it is very important for the success of your business to carefully monitor the loan provisions to ensure compliance and good relations with the creditor. Turning Point Financial Consulting can help with every aspect of that ongoing creditor relationship.

If your business is in NYC, or throughout the New York Metropolitan area, such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Northern New Jersey and Central New Jersey including Middlesex County, Union county, Essex County, Hudson County, Bergen County, Somerset County and Monmouth County, please contact us and let us start supporting you and your business.

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